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List of sovereign states

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1 List of sovereign states on Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:35 am

This is a list of sovereign states, giving an overview of states around the world with information on the status and recognition of their sovereignty.
The list is divided into two parts. It is arranged alphabetically, and contains 203 entries, as of 2010:
The internationally recognized sovereign states[weasel words] section lists 193 states, including all member states of the United Nations[1] plus Vatican City.[2]
The other states section lists 10 states which have de facto sovereignty or independence but are not widely recognised diplomatically[weasel words] by other states.
Compiling a list such as this can be a difficult and controversial process, as there is no definition that is binding on all the members of the community of nations concerning the criteria for statehood. For more information on the criteria used to determine the contents of this list, please see the "criteria for inclusion" section below.

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