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New York Biltmore Hotel

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1 New York Biltmore Hotel on Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:16 am

The New York Biltmore was founded by Gustav Baumann, who purchased the lease from the New York State Realty and Terminal Company, a division of the New York Central Railroad. The design was by the architectural firm of Warren and Wetmore, which also created the adjoining Grand Central Terminal. The hotel had its own arrival station within the terminal, nicknamed "The Kissing Room," with elevator access to the lobby. A private elevator served only the Presidential Suite. The Tea Room (a.k.a. Palm Court) echoed the design of the main concourse at the Terminal. On the 22nd floor of the hotel was the grand ballroom, called the Cascades ; Bert Lown was the conductor in the hotel's early years. Between the north and south towers was the Italian Garden, which over looked Vanderbilt Avenue and Grand Central Terminal.In the winter months the garden was transformed into as a ice skating rink.Henry Ford tried to Broker World War I headquartered at The Biltmore, 1915.
The hotel opened on New Year's Day 1913, and was operated by Baumann until his tragic death on October 15, 1914[1]. John McEntee Bowman, the Biltmore's manager under Mr. Baumann, took control of the lease and operated the hotel thereafter.
The New York Biltmore Hotel ceased operation when the building was gutted in August 1981 by its then owner the latePaul Milstein[2]. The demolition took place despite the building's landmark status and concerted protests by preservationists[3]. The hotel was stripped dow

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2 Re: New York Biltmore Hotel on Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:59 am

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